Jean Armstrong Communication

Located in Portland, Maine
Tel. 207-879-1886
Evaluations and therapy
for preschool, school age,and adults.

Accent Modification
Phonological dis
Brian Injury
Central auditory processing
Cleft palate
Cognitive-comm. disorders
Comm. Improvement/
Public Speaking
Developmental delay
Fluency and fluency disorders
Language acquisition/disorders Laryngectomy
Learning disabilities
Neurogenic comm. Disorders
Nonverbal Learning Disabilities
Orofacial myofunctional dis.
Phonology and phon. disorders
SLP developmental disabilities
Language disorders (general) Swallowing disorders
Tongue thrust
Voice Disorders
Writing Disabilities

Communication Services for Children
Jean Armstrong has been providing speech/language services for over 25 years and been in private practice for 20 years. She has over 25 years of experience in shaping the way people speak. She is licensed and certified as a Speech/Language Pathologist and has earned a Certificate of Clinical Competency from the American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA). Her background is extensive, having worked in nearly all areas of communication. Ms. Armstrong holds a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Pathology from the University of Maine and a Masters of Science in Communication Disorders from Emerson College. With extensive clinical expertise with pediatric through adult clients, she has worked with preschool, school age and adults in her office as well as contracting on site. Training included work at Children's Hospital in Boston, Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Boston, North Shore Consortium, Boston VA Hospital, Cambridge Somerville Preschool Program, Northeast Hearing and Speech Center as well as running adult group classes to enhance communication. She has developed programming in hospitals, schools, businesses and led classes for groups in her office. Her background includes corporate programming, medical speech language pathologist, school speech/language clinician and preschool therapist.
Groups For Children:
Child Language Story Group or individual after school sessions
Preschool, elementary, middle school groupings
Improve comprehension and expressive language skills that correlate with auditory processing, oral language expression, reading and writing through the use of storytelling and theatre games! Children learn to listen and express themselves more fully in a fun atmosphere.
Social Communication Skills Group
Social Skills group emphasizing social pragmatics in guided sessions. Students will play theatre games, storytell, script, videotape to improve body language, social thinking concepts, listening and expressive conversation participation skills. Geared for the Asperger, high functioning Autism, NVLD students. Students with social cognitive weakness will be considered if appropriate for grouping. Begins when appropriate group forms. ages 8-12. 12-15. Please call 207-879-1886 for more information.
Jean also offers Communications Services for Adults; click here
Jean Armstrong is also a Storyteller. For more info, click here