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Jean Armstrong has over 25 years of experience in shaping the way people speak. She has developed and led workshops at national and regional conferences as well as in corporate settings, schools and in her office. She is licensed and certified as a Speech/Language Pathologist and has earned a Certificate of Clinical Competency from the American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA). Her background is extensive, having worked in nearly all areas of communication. Ms. Armstrong holds a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Pathology from the University of Maine and a Masters of Science in Communication Disorders from Emerson College. Her background as medical speech/language pathologist working with difficult voice cases led her into presenting voice workshops that have been widely acclaimed. She has taught students the American dialect in the United States and in foreign countries and has extensive clinical training to assist clients in changing their speaking habits. She is a teaching artist, and has been adjudicated by the Maine Arts Commission for her work as a performance artist as a Storyteller. She regularly leads workshops and classes in storytelling, speaking, presentation and performance skills throughout the United States. Ms. Armstrong is on the New England Foundation for the Arts touring arts roster and recently presented workshops and performed a full length show of original material at the National Storytelling Conference.


The following available to individuals, groups, corporations and businesses.
Voice Class
Your Voice: Your Image
Did you know that 66% of what people hear when you speak has nothing to do with the words you select but more about your vocal tone, presentation and body language?
Has your voice kept up with who you are now or does your voice represent someone you have outgrown? If you dress for success, you have already considered your image; consider how much weight that your voice gives in improving or detracting from your image.
Learn pacing, rhythm, inflection, focus, projection, breathing and relaxation techniques to improve your vocal tone and to preserve your voice. Learn to connect to your own unique vocal tone and to maximize your clarity. This voice class is geared for adults and will be a small group of 4-8 adults focusing on improving how you sound. This class is small enough to work on your specific needs in voice and diction yet large enough to offset the cost of private coaching! Available to corporations as well.
Presentation Skills-Speaking Professionally for Effective Business Presentations
Learn to convey your message using effective delivery through communication games, exercises, storytelling to develop credible presentations using lively, comfortable and natural speaking tone that keeps your listeners engaged. Tips to reduce stage fright as well!

Accent Reduction Class
Has your accent become a barrier to the success you deserve? A class for the speaker of non native English with good to proficient language skills. Individualized programs based on a phonetic and vocal analysis of your speech and accent characteristics. Learn rhythm, stress, intonation, voice and pronunciation to reduce your difficulty in being understood by American English speakers. Individual or group classes.
Class emphasizes vowel and consonant pronunciation, rhythm, stress and inflection used in English and customized vocabulary and phrases for your work setting.

Coaching available for regional dialects as well!

Storytelling Class

Use your imagination, retell family stories, learn to craft and tell stories. Using theatre exercises and storytelling probes and games to create and tell stories.

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